In My Weakness He Is Strong

Hi friend.

It’s been awhile since I have had a moment to sit and write. I hope you are doing well enjoying this season of fall. If you read my last post on climbing a mountain than you know that we added a new member to our family through the foster care system a couple of weeks ago. She is beautiful and super sweet. Our hearts have found a spot to love her as our own. She is a little over three weeks now.


You may be wondering how are you doing? Getting any sleep? How is it being a mom to five? Honestly I can say that most days I’m just trying to take the next step in front of me, I put myself into a mode of just trying to stay above water or I should say loads of laundry. And then there are others where I get to take a step away from the crazy and stand in awe of our God.

Last week I had one of the busiest weeks I have had in a while. I knew it was coming and as I watched the days get closer I started to get anxious. How am I going to get through this week? I had three auctions, one being out-of-town, doctor appointments for baby, co-op, bible study, soccer practice, our licensor coming out to check our home for two, managing baby’s visits and then in the middle of the week I was asked to speak at our local Mots group that same week.  Which I said yes to, only because I have been asking the Lord for opportunities to use me and our story. And to top it off I wasn’t feeling well.

Have you ever had a week like this? Well maybe not the same activities as mine but a week packed with obligations. A week where you knew it would be crazy, impossible even.

Can I tell you what happened? Everyday I asked the Lord to give me what I needed that day. Please take my headache away and it would get better, please give me rest and an opportunity would open for rest while babies napped, please I need childcare, and people would be available, please give me words this presentation is unprepared and the words came. Please help me to be alert and keep track of my bidders, and my mind stayed on track.

As I look back on the week of craziness I see God’s handprints all over it. In my weakness He was strong and with His strength my family and I made it through. I thanked Him every time He met a need.

You know you can do the same, right? You can ask God to give you what you need for that moment when you are tired, need help, need encouragement, or words to say. He is there waiting for you to ask. Sometimes His help will come in the form of another person or persons coming along side you, others it will be calming your spirit of anxiety when you call on Him. I can tell you His help comes in all ways


The day we said yes to adding another child in our family I wondered how? How are we going to do this? And many days it still seems overwhelming, but today as I reflect on these past few weeks I stand in awe because the bible says God will equip those that He calls to do something and I’m watching Him do that everyday since we said yes.

Is the Lord asking you to do something that seems too big or too hard? Remember He is a big God with all of the resources. He just needs a willing daughter or son to say yes.

May you be blessed today!

Thank you for your prayers!



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