Lessons I’m Learning In The First Couple Days Of 2017

Dear Friend,

How has your year started off? It’s snowy and cold here. While the snow is beautiful when the sun shines on it, I would prefer it to warm up.

Did you make some goals for the year? Did you pray for a word for this year? Or are you like me and things have gone a bit different then expected?

The second of January was our last day of Christmas break. I had my new planner out with spaces ready to be filled. Being a bit of a planner and now one who forgets if it’s not on the calendar, I prepared to fill in everything I knew that was going on during the year.  Auctions, husband’s schedule, tentative vacations, retreats, doctor’s appointments, meetings, everything I could think of. January was already looking full and we hadn’t even started it yet but I was feeling ready. Ready for a new year, and then that evening we got a phone call..

The voice on the other end was rushed as she fired off a couple of questions.

“No, we don’t have her anymore.

” Yes, we have her half sibling.”

“Our license says two.”

My mind started racing.

A family has a baby they would like to put up for adoption. Would you take her?”

By this point my heart is beating faster than normal and my husband has clued into this conversation, this is not a normal phone call from my mom.

“When will this baby be born?”

She was born today


(We have an almost four-month old in our home.. Oh my goodness, it would be like having twins but possibly harder.)

Yes, can I give them your number?”

“Um… well.. let me ask my husband first…”

How do you make a life long decision in what feels like minutes to answer?

It’s not that we haven’t received calls like this before, but it was different because it wasn’t foster care it was adoption.

I started to laugh, do you remember my word for the year from my last post?


I know with God all things are possible but this seems a bit much for us.

But then it felt like it could be a gift. A child that needed a family, that didn’t have to go through the foster care system.

The text came through about ten minutes after the call. Can I give them your number?

We needed an answer quick and we did what we thought would be best.  We told our kids and then we got on our knees and prayed. After prayer, we said yes, please give them our number. I remember thinking, Lord you know our heart is to care for little ones, you know we would say yes, please take this out of our hands if it’s not your will.

Then we waited, and waited some more. And as we waited we prayed. As we waited another call came to cancel my doctor appointment the next day and another text came that cancelled another event on the calendar I had planned out so nicely a couple of hours before.

Plans, plans that I had written in and was ready for were starting to crumble right before me.

To give you the rest of the story, the call never came. I guess it could still come, but most likely this little one is back in her mother’s arms. We were willing but the door was closed and I thank the Lord, because He knows what’s best for us and for this little one.

Do you ever wonder, why did that have to happen? Chaos when nothing really came out of it. But then I remembered that I had spent most of the day filling in my planner, trying to grasp what this new year would bring, my plans, my family’s plans. I was reminded that I can make plans and I believe it’s smart to look ahead and plan things out, but we have to hold those plans loosely. We don’t know what our days will bring, and I was reminded very clearly of that truth that night. Every day should be a day we come to Him and say, What do you want for me today?

The other reminder that brought some peace to my heart and if you are a foster family waiting for a child or an adoptive family waiting for a child, this may comfort you as you wait. God knows specifically which child or children are to be in your home. We have had a couple of times now where we have said yes to a child that didn’t end up in our home. While at first it’s sad when you find out they are going somewhere else, it’s encouraging to know the ones we have had and still have are the one’s hand placed by God into our family. It will be the same for you, I hope you can rest in that.

Well, as you can see the year has barely begun and I’m learning and being reminded of some truths.  How about you? How has your year started off? Hope you doing well.






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