Will you trust?

They come to us in different ways. Some through long drawn out labor, some through an orphanage across the world, others from the DSHS office. Each and every one of them a precious life a gift from the Lord. A life that changes our own life as we know it.

These little ones they come to us often helpless and in need of care, so we spend sleepless nights feeding them, holding them, comforting them. As they grow we give them books to read, new clothes to cover their growing bodies and encouragement to do their best. We do everything we know best to help them grow because we love them and we want what’s best for them.

But then they start to grow up and we have to start letting them go a bit. First day of preschool, then it’s kinder. First overnighter with grandparents, first ballet practice, or soccer practice.

We stand there brave with smiles because we are mom, or grandma and we have to be strong, so that they will be strong. “Go little one, be brave, you can do it.”

But then they go and you turn around and walk quickly back to the car because you don’t want the emotions that are building up inside to come spilling out.

Will she be ok? Will others be nice to him? Will she remember what I taught her? Will he be nice to others? Will they be safe here?

Have you been there? Ya me too.

It can be exciting to watch your little one grow up and be able to do new things but it can also bring fears that you may not have known were there. The mother bear in us can rise up and we can become fearful about anything if we allow it to.

Sometimes I hang there, in fear. I watch the news, I hear the stories of what goes on in schools, I listen to stories of brokenness, and I start to feel my spirit rise with an urgency to protect my kids.

While I believe we are to be wise in what we allow our kids to do and to protect them in ways that we can because junk is out there. But if we stay in the mindset of fear versus the mind of trusting God then we need a spirit check.

Five months ago we had to let go of our foster daughter. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone down the route of fear in my heart over her being removed from our home. How can I protect her if she lives with someone else? What if this happens or this? My list could go on.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to listen to a woman’s testimony about her life and how she had gone through huge amounts of anxiety over her daughter to the point it was paralyzing her. She talked of an experience she had with the Lord and how she gave her burdens to the Lord and her daughter to the Lord and said, she is yours, I will trust you with her. She became free of the fear and has trusted God will protect her ever since.

This was a moment of truth for me. I know this, I have been following Jesus many years of my life. I know He says to trust Him, to surrender my blessings and brokenness to him, that He is in control, but my head knowledge was not going into my heart. I was letting and still have to work on not allowing those momma bear fears to override the truth that I knew to be true.

Here is what I’m being reminded of lately. At some point as moms or caretakers we will have to let go and say goodbye to our child or children for a while. For some it can come earlier if you are a foster parent, others it may be when your child is college age, or gets married, or goes off into the military.

Whatever age it may be, what if instead of allowing fear to take over, we started saying God I trust you will be with my son, my daughter, my grandchild, my foster daughter. I trust that you will walk beside them and that you will provide for them, that you will protect them and that you will give them what they need to grow.

And then step back and watch God’s wonders take place.

Friend, this is not easy and I know the pain is real in letting go whatever the stage. I pray that you will have courage to pray and trust that HE WILL… I’m walking right there with you.







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