Does Your Marriage Need A Boost?

I sat there in the shade, body tired from a morning walk but a renewed spirit had started to seep into my heart. I gazed out at the lake that looked like glass before me and the man who still makes my heart beat faster picked up a rock and skipped it across the lake.

Other than a few other tourists walking. We were alone just him and I. No little ones to interrupt. Quiet and stillness.

As I sat on that rock my mind started to reflect and talk to the Lord who created all this beauty in front of me.

” Lord, thank you for this beautiful view, thank you for this man who loves you, who loves me, who loves our children. Who would have thought we would be where we are today? This moment, these decisions before us, these children in our lives. Please guide as we move forward in our adoption journey, raising our other children, our leadership responsibilities, our marriage, our jobs. I give our plans to you.”

Sometimes this quiet it brings words from the Lord. And as I sat there words from God came, you see that lake those trees. My love for you is beyond them and I love those two little girls whom your heart is troubled over.

Refreshing words they were.

A week before this weekend away we were brought the news that we were going to have to say goodbye to our second foster daughter very soon. While we knew that this may happen the news seemed to hit hard again as we thought about how we would walk the same steps as months ago and what this change would do to our family. Would we foster again? Would we stop altogether? Do we go a different route for adoption. There were more questions than answers.

But a weekend away can do wonders. I know this from past marriage conferences, my mentor’s advice, from past weekends away, but for some reason this weekend more than any reminded me how valuable it is to make time to get away with your husband.

When we left on our trip I was excited to talk with him about our goals our journey and where he felt as a family we would be going. I’m a bit of a planner and the control side of me wanted a plan.

That morning on the rock I sat there after we had some conversations about plans. And really when it came down to it we didn’t have a concrete plan like I had hoped. We talked through the what if’s but knowing from past experiences that plans don’t always go as hoped, we knew the only source we could rely on to guide us in any decision before us was to go to the Lord and trust Him.

Although decisions were not completely made about our next steps an assurance that this man leading and walking beside me as my companion would be with me through whatever journey we were going to face and that is where I found courage and peace. We had walked through hard together before, we could do it again.

Through our time away together we had become united once again. The feeling you have when you have just been given the title Mr. and Mrs. and they bid you farewell on your journey together as a married couple. “Here we go, we can do this!” The story being written of our lives seemed possible.

Friend, I don’t know if your marriage is needing a weekend away but if you are like us, life gets busy and making time for each other can be hard.  As children and responsibilities tug us in different directions our marriages can take a back seat and we end up in a place where we wonder what happened.

Recently I have been reminded that there is not a marriage that is safe from the destruction of the evil one. After hearing about a marriage that had been separated, I found myself wondering how? why? But here is the thing I realized. If I don’t make my marriage a priority I very well could be in the same situation. With an urgency in my heart that next week we planned the talked about getaway. I hesitated to want to plan it because it would cost extra money and finding a sitter to take on our circus was a lot, but I cannot tell you how refreshing it was.

Can I encourage you if you are married to think about getting away with your husband? You don’t have to go far and you can find creative ways to make it affordable. Your kids may miss you for the moment but they will be blessed to have a mom and dad that made time for each other.

Your marriage is worth fighting for.

Blessings to you,




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  1. You have a wonderful insight to making a marriage strong and how to make sure your kids get the very best of you! Love your posts and honest heart!

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