About me


Hi, I’m Alesha.

How are you? Thank you for stopping in. My hope is that you will find hope and encouragement as we journey along this life we have been given.

If I’m being honest with you I would much rather sit down face to face with a cup of coffee and get to know you. I tend to want to get deep with people and find out who they are and what’s going on in their lives.

I have a heart for mentoring young women and girls. I have taught, coached and led young woman in many different areas through out my life. From middle school sports, to bible studies, to mentoring, to working with teen moms in our area. I have seen brokenness and beauty in so many of the girls and woman who God has placed in my path. They have inspired me in many ways.

I also have a heart for passing on a Godly legacy to my children and grandchildren. I am inspired by the families that have done this well. I am learning that in order to do this you need support, intentional parenting, prayer and daily quiet time with God.

My husband and I stepped into the foster care system almost two years ago. When I say stepped I mean it was not an easy decision to make but because of the LORD’s leading we chose obedience to step in. While I’m thankful we did, it’s been burdening. We now have the knowledge and information about the amount of neglected and abused children that are in our state and we know we can’t turn away from it. If you are fostering, adopting or looking into it I hope that you will find encouragement through our story.

I am not sure how you came upon my page but I thank you for stopping in. I hope that you will find encouragement for whatever stage of life you are in.

A little bit more about me:

I have been married to my college sweetheart for almost sixteen years. We have three beautiful and inspiring bio children, one  beautiful foster daughter who lives with us now and one who has left our home but will always be in our hearts. We live on a small farm outside of our rural community. As of right now we have a few sheep, a few chickens, and a dog. We started fostering animals before we started fostering our daughter. It’s actually a bit comical but we started getting asked if we would take this animal or this one because it wasn’t wanted by the owner or the mom rejected it. Some actually returned back to their original home after being cared for here. It was our first experience with fostering.

I have been a mom for almost 11 years. I have been blessed with the opportunity to stay at home with my children and am now homeschooling them. Raising children has been a delight for me and yet probably the biggest challenge I have experienced in my life. They don’t come with a manual and they are all so different. There are many days I do not feel like I am enough or can keep going but by God’s grace He supplies what I need daily.

Another thing about me that is always surprising to people because I’m not super loud or charismatic is I am a third generation auctioneer. I grew up learning how to work auctions in my family’s business.  I am not a full- time employee but I do have many weekends where I am helping in some way. My husband even has learned how to help in different parts of the auction process and many times it will be him and I that work together at one of my sales. I don’t know if you can call them date nights but they seem to be our main source of getting away together.

I’m really just an average girl with a passion to impact the next generation. I have found writing to bring healing for myself and a way to process life and  encourage others. I am not an expert on anything but I have had some experiences that may be helpful if you are going through something similar.

Thank you again, for stopping in. May the LORD bless you.